IoT – Basket full of remotes

Industrial IoT is alive and well.  Companies employ it as a point of sales system, as a way to monitor the environment and direct energy or as a way to order new products from Alexa simply by asking. Those companies have dedicated IT staff who have a proclivity towards technology.  It’s their job to keep those systems up and running.

The consumer market is very different.  There may be opportunities there, but I must take care in identifying them. Consumer electronics makers compete on price so adding intelligence to their devices can’t be expensive or they’ll price themselves out of the market.

So what is the opportunity? Creating a central domain for people to subscribe to and point their IoT devices to receive critical, trusted updates and security recommendations?  Can IoT devices do that?

It has to be simple stupid.  Plug your IoT device in and point it to Many of them will be connected to a PAN and to possibly a proprietary controller so they may not even have an interface to add a url.  It will probably be sold as plug and play in the consumer market.  And that’s why the experts are concerned about security and privacy being an afterthought in the race to the IoT market.