Create your own environment

Recently, I’ve been thinking of ways to allow users to create their own features and environments. A way to let anyone seamlessly and efficiently program what they need. Maybe it’s a feature on top of an existing app. Maybe it’s an entirely new program. In any case, whatever the user might need, let’s remove the overhead involved in creating new features and programs. Programming is hard. Does it have to be? Let’s make what we can fun and easy for people to create the functions they want.

Think of it like a digital version of Legos.

We’ll make the underlying composable code from which you can make any object you’d like.

That concept is easy to grasp and I think would be well adopted. The hard part is determining how to deliver that composable code (the Legos). If it’s developed by my company and released as an app than it’s just another app with limits based on the available interfaces.

If it’s open-sourced than it will most likely get forked an unweildy number of times and become difficult to use. Maybe there is a happy medium. TBD as I continue to think about that.

In any case, I was thinking about creating your own environments and stumbled upon this cool website and demo.

Create your own environment

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